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A.R.T offers premium big bikes for daily, weekly, or monthly rental.

Our pick up location is in Ho Chi Minh City, but we do offer one-way shipping to major cities in Vietnam should you want to start your adventure elsewhere.

We aim to pair the individual capabilities, experiences and preferences of each rider to each bike. With our knowledge and expertise, we can recommend the best bike for you. We reserve the right to suggest an alternative bike if the bike selection is deemed too advanced for the rider.

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about us
$ per day

For us, bikes are about getting deep into the backcountry of Vietnam, heading out to the central highlands, the great Vietnamese coastlines, or islands in search of epic campsites or fantastic routes that the has to offer. They’re about getting off the pavement and out of the comfort zone: climbing mountains, crossing rivers, and visiting quaint central or northern highland villages. They’re about great times and the stories behind them. They’re about seeing places in Vietnam that can be seen only when you’re riding.

It doesn’t matter what bike you ride. Once you’re out there riding, it’s about where you go and the experiences you have. This company started on the Ho Chi Minh Trail a few years ago when TJ met a few riders on the trail with beat-up Honda 150xr bikes that they rented, and they were picking their way through Vietnam. At that moment, on that road, under that tree: nobody cares what kind of bike you’re on. It’s about the moment, the place, and the people around you; it’s about the riding experience itself. The quality of the bike does make a huge difference to this experience.

ART aims to improve that experience. We started this business with a basic question: why is there such a large gap between the quality of bikes for rental in Vietnam ? – and the gear available for bikes? Bike & gear requires a unique balance between power, durability, weight, but the fundamental needs are the same: tough, balance between power & weight-conscious well maintained bikes that can survive Vietnam, provide the necessary comfort in the unsupported travel through highly abusive Vietnamese terrain. This is the core ethos of ART

We built our Bike Rental Tour & Camping to fill that void in Vietnam. We want you to ride through Vietnam, travel further, go deeper, and push your boundaries, whether riding adventure or general touring north & south Vietnam.

The ART Team

T.J Grundl Hong
$ per day

Well, where do we start?
If our team formed like Voltron, T.J would be the head!
Having ripped up and conquered 4 of the 5 great continents, his insatiable appetite to ride and his day job drive him to ride an average of 10,000 km a month in Vietnam and whatever other corners of the earth he finds himself on.
Drives all the wheels around here, he is the biggest book of knowledge that exists in this country when it comes to riding!

Booking Policy

  1. The Rider must be at least 25 years old to rent and ride the motorcycle.
  2. Valid Driver’s License for an engine size of 175cc or greater
  3. If not in possession of a valid Vietnamese license, the Rider is required to have in his/her possession a valid International Driver’s Permit which is valid for the entire length of the rental period
  4. Credit Card for Security Deposit hold between $2000 to $3000

Minimum rental period is 3 days. To request a shorter rental period, please contact us at

A rental day is defined as a 24 hour period. Motorcycles can only be rented in blocks of 24 hours. We do not offer hourly or half day rates.

The duration of the rental period is calculated using the agreed start date and the agreed completion date.

To confirm a booking, a 50% deposit must be paid in full. Payment in full must be made prior to the rental start date.

A deposit of $2000 or $3000 will be charged to the Rider’s credit card when the motorcycle is picked up. The sum will be held as a damage deposit and will be refunded to the Rider when the motorcycle is returned.

The rental booking may be cancelled at any time, however all cancellations must be received in writing (e-mail), and cancellation charges may apply.

Cancellation charges apply as follows:

  1. Cancellations made more than 60 days prior to departure : 100 % refund
  2. Cancellations made 14 days prior to departure : 50 % refund
  3. Cancellations made 1 – 7 days prior to departure : 35% refund
  4. Cancellations made on day of departure or after departure : no refund

For full Terms and Conditions, click here

Experience of a lifetime

Finally a way to get proper bikes ! This is my 4 time to Vietnam and I have longed after riding all of vietnam on a real bike now I can do that thanks to these amazing guys . Super grateful to have met them and got to follow on a 3 day ride out ! This is the only way to experience Vietnam so far I have done about 700km with them will definitely do more when I have time. And bring friends

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So much fun! Quality Hosts, Epic rides

Joel and his team planned an incredible week for us. The scenery is stunning, the people are fun and kids, good times ahead! I will go back for sure.
They have the best bikes in the country including the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650.

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A lifetime of awesome.

The place to go in Vietnam for top notch motorbike tours and rental. Outside the box. Beyond the normal. Spending a week here opened my eyes to so much more of Vietnam. Huge thank you to Joel and Josh for the hospitality and exceptional experience. Cheers!

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