Ducati Scrambler 800

Ducati Scrambler 800
$145 per day
with discounts for long term bookings

The Ducati Scrambler 800 is a bike that really turns heads for its style, and sound. This 803cc machine has the best of both worlds; generous power delivery for smooth acceleration to zip around the city streets. And a comfortable, classic riding position for longer adventures. The Scrambler is a great bike for anyone looking to add excitement to their journey, or simply enjoy a Sunday cruise in style.

Accessories: Soft Panniers 8L & 13L, Tank Bag 2L with phone cover, Quad Lock phone mount

3 Days 7 Days 12 Days 14 Days
USD 435.00 USD 945.00 USD 1,620.00 USD 1,890.00

Total Price inclusive of VAT 10%


Displacement (cc) 803
Seat Height (mm) 790mm
Wheelbase (mm) 1455mm
Kerb / Wet Weight (kg) 186kg
Handle Bar Width (mm) N/A
Ground Clearance (mm) 238mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 13.5L
Max. Power 75 hp @ 8,250 rpm
Max. Torque 68 nm @ 5,750 rpm
No. of Cylinders 2
No. of Gears 6
Top Speed 193kmph
Mileage (Km/Litre) 20kmpl
Km/Tank (km) 270km

We recommend no more than 15kg of gear.  Your guides will carry most of the safety equipment, personal items should easily come in under that weight.  We will provide storage for extra gear at A.R.T base of operations.

If you’re planning a one-way trip, please contact us in advance, shipping can be arranged.

A.R.T has Roadside assistance, please contact us if you break down.

  • Repairs before proceeding must be done at designated repair shops. Please contact us for assistance.
  • Repairs due to standard wear and tear will be covered by A.R.T (oil, tyres), while repairs due to negligence or abuse will be covered by the rider.

Smile, be courteous, and show respect.

Choose your words carefully as the interaction will be recorded most of the time.

If you are pulled over by the police, pull over immediately, turn off the ignition and put the key in your pocket.

The police often ask for:

  • Blue Card (Motorcycle registration and proof of ownership) ART will provide paper and digital copies
  • Driver’s Permit or International Driver’s License – It is recommended to have a paper and digital copy to give police

If the police confiscate the bike (for speeding or traffic infractions). Call us for assistance an A.R.T representative will attend to this matter. The rider is responsible for all fines, impoundment and transportation costs of the bike before the deposit will be released.

Call for assistance:

  • Emergency rescues 112

ART provides roadside assistance and we have a local translator, please call us for assistance

Typically, when an accident occurs the locals and passersby surround the scene and the police will quickly arrive or can be called from any cell phone.  The police confiscate the bikes and investigate the scene to try to figure out who was at fault. Beyond that depending on who’s at fault and what the damages are, a monetary value will be set and expected to be paid before the bikes are released.

If the rider has an accident, the rider is responsible for all fees and repairs to A.R.T bike as well as any third party and police fees. Repairs are often inexpensive, but this is all dependent on the bike in question.