About Us

For us, bikes are about getting deep into the backcountry of Vietnam, heading out to the central highlands, the great Vietnamese coastlines, or islands in search of epic campsites or fantastic routes that the has to offer. They’re about getting off the pavement and out of the comfort zone: climbing mountains, crossing rivers, and visiting quaint central or northern highland villages. They’re about great times and the stories behind them. They’re about seeing places in Vietnam that can be seen only when you’re riding.

It doesn’t matter what bike you ride. Once you’re out there riding, it’s about where you go and the experiences you have. This company started on the Ho Chi Minh Trail a few years ago when TJ met a few riders on the trail with beat-up Honda 150xr bikes that they rented, and they were picking their way through Vietnam. At that moment, on that road, under that tree: nobody cares what kind of bike you’re on. It’s about the moment, the place, and the people around you; it’s about the riding experience itself. The quality of the bike does make a huge difference to this experience.

ART aims to improve that experience. We started this business with a basic question: why is there such a large gap between the quality of bikes for rental in Vietnam ? – and the gear available for bikes? Bike & gear requires a unique balance between power, durability, weight, but the fundamental needs are the same: tough, balance between power & weight-conscious well maintained bikes that can survive Vietnam, provide the necessary comfort in the unsupported travel through highly abusive Vietnamese terrain. This is the core ethos of ART

We built our Bike Rental Tour & Camping to fill that void in Vietnam. We want you to ride through Vietnam, travel further, go deeper, and push your boundaries, whether riding adventure or general touring north & south Vietnam.

The ART Team

T.J Grundl Hong

Well, where do we start?
If our team formed like Voltron, T.J would be the head!
Having ripped up and conquered 4 of the 5 great continents, his insatiable appetite to ride and his day job drive him to ride an average of 10,000 km a month in Vietnam and whatever other corners of the earth he finds himself on.
Drives all the wheels around here, he is the biggest book of knowledge that exists in this country when it comes to riding!


Fiona runs the garage, looks after the bikes, organises the tours – She does it all. Whether you’re looking to plan a self-ride, searching for the best spot to set up camp, or in need of some road-side support… She’s got you covered!